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General Programs

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Grand Writing Clinic

Getting the funding for your idea or project is the one of the crucial stage for any entrepreneur. Technical knowhow is not sufficient to get the funding. The purpose of the grand writing clinic is to improve your art of the writing, with tailored made representation of your innovative idea in more scientific way with balanced budgets and outcomes. It will cover various funding options including schemes and programs of Government and other funding agencies. 

Grand writing challenges and projects

Ideation Clinic

Ideation is the creative process of generating, developing and communicating new ideas – they can be ideas for starting a new business, a new product, know how, or even just a process innovation.
The purpose of ideation clinic featuring idea generation exercises to make you and your team more innovate and realistic with vision to foresee product/process/ service you offer society.

  1. How to develop a business idea.
  2. Various aspects of conducting a business
  3. Processing the idea into prototype

Mentoring Lab

Mentoring workshop provides entrepreneurs with numerous benefits for building up their Idea to businesses. Entrepreneurs face a wide range of challenges in their endeavor to establish and scale a start-up while some of them are generic and others are unique to individual business cases.

  1. Entrepreneurship
  2. Establishing a startup
  3. Technical, legal, corporate, and financial aspects.

Funding Clinic

The funding clinic is an interactive workshop which will help to gain solid knowledge and understanding on the individual findings and available sources of funds and its management, which will be conducted in association with various funding agencies and private investors (Angels and VCs)

  1. The process of applying for seeds and grants
  2. The requirement of the programmers
  3. The key criteria for Pitch before investors
  4. How to adjust and refine the business plan based of funds

Start-up Summit

Start-up summit is a business and knowledge platform for all potential and existing entrepreneurs who are looking to start a business, explore opportunities, eager to uncover the future trends, seeking to identify newer growth revenues or are in the process of building innovative business.
The key takeaways of the summit are to learn about various facets of growing your business, insights on how to develop your brand, established partnerships & understanding the changing face of new age customers.

Future of starting up, Future of Business Brand, Future of Retail, How to grow and transition your business, the Future of Investment, etc.

Technology Development Program

The technology development program is a tech awareness camp where the audience will be engaged in a discussion about the modern science and tech and encouraging entrepreneurship. The main aim of the workshop is to create awareness among faculty and students of Engineering and Science courses about various facets of entrepreneurship as an alternative career option as also to highlight the merits of pursuing such an option.

  1. Importance & significance of science & tech in today's world
  2. Opportunities of Spinning off the developed technology
  3. Entrepreneurship possibilities

Gap Finding- (Industry-Academia)

Partnerships between academia and industry are nothing new, but only with the right strategy, enterprises will be able to prosper. Academia and industry share a symbiotic relationship. Academia produces graduates who are absorbed by industry. Research work in universities are taken up by the industry and turned into products and services. Industry on the other hand looks to academia for solutions to their concerns. The workshop will cover the main aspects of the same.

  1. How to Successfully Collaborate with Industry.
  2. Challenges and expectations in academia and industry collaborations.
  3. Finding the right fit in academia and industry collaboration.

IP Clinics

IPs plays a vital role in enhancing the socio-economic prosperity of the country. The key idea of the workshop is to provide basic insights on IPR. IP awareness is an important aspect of any scientific startups and entrepreneurs who are directly or indirectly involved in the process of innovation. IP awareness workshop aims at establishing a basic level of IP awareness amongst the innovators, such that the chance of obtaining well protected and widely covered innovations will increase.

  1. Importance and scope of IPR for innovations
  2. Types of innovations patentable and how to test your patentability of your innovations
  3. Procedure of patent writing, patent filing, and the process of granting patent
  4. Conducting FTO studies

Technical Workshops

The technical workshop will focus on various advanced techniques in core thrust areas of bio-incubator. This workshop aims at inspiring and encouraging innovators to be updated with technics and process of their respective domains.

Advanced techniques of core thrust areas of Bioincubator

Legal & Corporate, regulatory awareness program

Entrepreneurship is a journey, its necessary to have basic awareness on common legal, corporate, financial, aspects to become successful. Hence being informed and engaged with network of lawyers, Govt. regulations CA/CSs, and regulatory consultants will be helpful to take timely decisions accordingly. Startup investors are sensitive to regulatory issues as an investment risk. Hence, it’s best if startups themselves get a foundation of basic legal awareness.

  1. Basic Legal Awareness for Entrepreneurs
  2. Contract & Deals with Co-Founders, Investors, Partners & Suppliers
  3. Corporate Law: Formation, Compliance, Basic Mergers &Acquisitions(M & A) issues
  4. Govt. Regulation Structure: Overview of Property, Transport, Food,
    Labor, - Municipal etc – Statues, Agencies, Permissions and Powers
  5. Common Legal Problems – Prevention and Solutions

Tech Transfer Clinics

Transfer Technology clinics will update innovator about various possibilities of commercialization of developed technologies with support of various modes. Innovator will be updated about the Technology Transfer frameworks and good practices that have proven successful in different innovation ecosystems.

  1. Technology Transfer and Licensing Aspects